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An Overview Of CBN - Hemp Miracle Plant or Fad?

In the US there has been an explosion of interest in cannabinoids - CBD vs CBG vs CBN - Hemp the miracle plant or just another fad?

So What Is Cannabinoids, The 100 Or So Unique Chemical Compounds That Give Cannabis And Hemp Their Medicinal Benefits? An Overview Of CBN

August 01, 2019 at 20:05 by Deborah

CBN cannabis hemp medical benefits CBD vs CBG vs GBN

In the US there has been an explosion of interest in cannabinoids, the 100 or so unique chemical compounds that give cannabis and hemp their medicinal benefits. CBN is one of them, it is not as popular as CBD but it has the same effects, including reducing inflammation and relieving pain. This post will give you a complete overview of CBN, focusing on what CBN is, how CBN works, how it compares to CBD oil, and explain how to use it. It may seem overwhelming but I encourage you to read this post as it will help make it all clearer for you. 

Whilst you may have heard about CBD and THC, you may not be clear on CBN yet, CBN is one of the minor cannabinoids that is found in smaller amounts in cannabis. Typically, found in aged cannabis because it is actually a byproduct of THC, produced after THC is exposed to heat or light and oxygen over time. Once this happens THC loses its ability to intoxicate you, but it still has some of the other benefits. THC and CBD are the best-understood of the cannabinoids thus far, but CBN was actually the first cannabinoid scientists identified, all three have been studied for decades. Humans have cannabinoid receptors throughout their bodies that can bind with THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids; they make up the endocannabinoid system and are involved in immune function, pain perception, memory, and sleep. When Cannabinoids bind with these and other receptors they move them into action and help the body achieve homeostasis.

Which CBD product is right for you?
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 The hemp derived CBD and CBN oils - (hemp oil for humans)

A lot of the top brands ensure that the hemp derived CBD and CBN oils go through a state-of-the-art extraction process to guarantee potency and purity. Improving bioavailability during the post-processing practices is vital and is what will make the CBN oil stand out. Using nanotechnology and modern techniques, some claim their products achieve up to 10 times more bioavailability than others on the market. It means your body absorbs the active hemp compounds and cannabinoids (including CBN) more readily, giving you more for your money.

Some of the CBN oils available are natural products that are water-soluble and focus on better sleep using extracts and minor cannabinoids, this formula offers a restful night without the harmful side effects and is also vegan friendly. Generally taken as a tincture under the tongue 30 minutes before bed with the added bonus that it does not get you high or intoxicated. Insomnia has a negative effect on health in so many ways, so this could solve any sleep problems you may have. Look for brands that have improved bioavailability, less than 3 percent THC and easy to use serving instructions. These products as a whole provide us with general evening relief and relaxation. Tinctures generally work best taken orally and held under the tongue before swallowing but be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Other than oils, there are also a wide variety of other products containing cannabinoids, for example edibles like gummies, but if ingesting is not for you, there are even topicals out there, lotions, balms and creams. They will all assist you with pain relief as well as reducing inflammation. There are even products for relaxation such as bath bombs. Just be aware that as with any CBD product, there is no one size fits all, no skeleton key, every person is different and what works for you may not work for me and visa versa. So experimentation is key here, that way you will find what best suits you.

What is the difference between CBN and CBD Oil?

What is the difference between CBN and CBD Oil? The main one is chemical. Cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) is the base of all cannabinoids, and when it combines with other components or gets exposed to heat, it forms new acidic precursors to other cannabis components. So both CBD and CBN begin as CBGA and diverge from there. Also CBN in very large doses may have slight psychoactive effects since it is derived from THC, and there are also some minor differences in their benefits. They both offer relaxation and on a legal footing they are on par.

What do we know so far about CBN?

 Let’s look at various things research shows us:

Effective pain reliever or analgesic for chronic muscle pain disorders.

Fights cancer cell growth and induces cancer cell death.                                                                                            

Stimulates appetite in rats.                                                                                                                                  

Potent antibacterial agent against a variety of resistant strains of bacteria.

May treat allergic asthma and other inflammatory disorders.

Can reduce intraocular pressure to treat glaucoma. 

Along with THC and CBD has been understood as an anticonvulsant since the 1970s.

May stimulate bone marrow cell growth helping to create bone tissue and heal fractures.

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 CBN’s full potential

To end off, it is safe to say that more research is needed on CBN’s full potential, but as you can see it offers many benefits. High quality CBN products are available.

If you’re struggling to get a good night’s rest due to anxiety, stress or PTSD, it’s not uncommon in today’s times, or you may have an ailment that has been troubling you for a long time, whether that is an old injury, a skin irritation or whatever else it may be, why not try these cannabinoid products, they may just be the help you need.

I hope you feel better equipped to make your decision after reading this post which gives you a complete overview on CBN. 

Make that decision, I wish you better health starting today! Thank you for your time.

If you are interested in buying or learning more about the products I have left a link below. I suggest you start with CBD softgel first if you have not made up your mind yet on which product to try. Please remember to consult your doctor before you use any of the products mentioned. 

You decided for yourself if hemp is a miracle plant or a fad! 

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